Silica Filter Pipe

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Made from silica gel, the Silica Filter Pipe has Heat-resisting and non-stick properties, making the pipe comfortable to hold while lighting up and very easy to clean, even after multiple uses. It's materials give the pipe good flexibility, a very important feature for a portable pipe as the pipe doesn't have difficulty in keeping its shape.

It comes with a silicone lid created to keep the metal bowl clean and prevent your herbs from spilling, as well as giving you a handy place to store your herbs when out on your travels. Notice that this pipe comes with a detachable filter, which does an incredible job of filtering out tar, and other harmful substances you may inhale with other pipes. 

  • Comes in SEVEN creative colors
  • Detachable filter x 2
  • Silicone Lid
  • Non-stick metal  bowl
  • Made from heat resistant silica gel



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